History of the Cotton Bowl: How it All Began

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Of Mice and Men and The Hobbit is published.
FDR is sworn into office for the second time.
The Golden Gate Bridge is opened to the public.
Amelia Earhart disappears.

And before any of these events, the very first Cotton Bowl Classic took place in Dallas, Texas on January 1st. The endeavor was funded entirely by J. Curtis Sanford. Sanford had made his money in the oil business, but cotton was a booming business in Texas. The stadium and the game, located on the Texas State Fair grounds, was named in honor of the almighty cotton boll.

Cotton Bowl

That first Cotton Bowl Classic hosted the Marquette Golden Avalanche and the TCU Horned Frogs. Just in case you forgot, here’s what a football team looked like in 1937.

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Only slightly different than today…

France Cuts Tampon Tax

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You would think the fact that tampons and other menstrual supplies are in fact necessities would be self-evident, but alas government tax policies often don’t treat them as such. However, in France they have at last cut the tampon tax. Just a few months after blocking the proposal, the French National Assembly has approved a measure to cut the VAT, or sales tax, on tampons from 20 percent to 5.5 percent. Finally!

The proposal to reduce taxes on menstrual supplies, which originally came from from feminist group Georgette Sand, was first shot down in October when the government said they couldn’t afford to pay for it. According to estimates, lowering the tax would cost the government the equivalent of about $60 million in 2016, which is quite a bit of money to lose from a budget. Of course, it’s also quite a bit of money

Mississippi Cotton Gin Finds a Way to Thrive

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Cotton growers are facing some difficult times. That’s when you factor in acreage and demand. But one Southern area seems to be the exception for business.

The majority of cotton is harvested near Macon, Mississippi. Grower Jack Huerkamp says this season was a challenge early on with too much rain and then too much heat.

“We had a real average year this year. Average is good. That’s not a bad thing,” said  Jack Huerkamp, president of the Bogue Chitto Gin. Harvest weather also turned out in his favor.

“We ended up with an excellent harvest season. We can’t beat that. We didn’t get but one small rain from the time we started picking till we finished picking. That’s what you want to do with cotton,” said Huerkamp.

Growers don’t have to travel far to gin their crop either. “This is the first cotton gin in this area since the last one

World of Wipes (WOW) Show 2015 = Success!


In the haze of mid-June,

hundreds of people descended upon Atlanta, Ga. to attend the World of Wipes International Conference. As attendees prepped for events and settled into their respective rooms, one team was eager to set up their booth—which was designed to add some real “wow” to the conference.

The Dream Team

The Barnhardt team, led by Lewis Barnhardt (COO and President), George Hargrove (VP of Sales and Marketing), Ginny Casstevens (Dir. Sales and Marketing Fibers Div.), and Chuck Allen (Director of Product Dev.), made a big splash with their new Shouting Out the Pure Truth! themed Purified Cotton display. Crowds entering the ballroom were immediately drawn to the display’s large, colorful graphics.

As more people arrived at the event, the Barnhardt team worked feverishly to greet each person, and to talk about the benefits of using Purified Cotton.