August 24, 2015

5 Favorite Natural-Living Beauty Blogs (we can’t get enough of)

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5 Favorite Natural-Living Beauty Blogs (we can’t get enough of)

We know what we want:

…Good, pure, natural products that won’t deposit iffy chemicals on our skin. Hey! You know everything we put on our skin gets absorbed, right? The problem is product labels can often be subtly deceptive and difficult to understand, so what to do? Seek out the experts. Here are some of our favorite beauty bloggers who regularly give readers the skinny on what’s really in the products we use.
organic beauty talk blogger

1) Organic Beauty Talk

“Organic Beauty Talk was created in May 2011 out of a love and passion for knowing what’s in your products, caring about what goes on your skin, and connecting you with brands that have the best organic, natural and eco-friendly choices. Organic Beauty Talk is dedicated to helping you live life more organically and beautifully simply because I know first-hand that it’s better….better for your health and well-being, your loved ones, and the environment.”

kimberly loc natural products reviews2) Kimberly Loc

“Kim is a freelance journalist and blogger who writes about natural beauty and skin care and founded the Naturally Beautiful blog, a green beauty blog, on the former Natural Home magazine (now Mother Earth Living) website in June 2008.

She has also contributed beauty editorial to Organic Spa magazine and Her Kansas City magazine and has served as an expert green beauty source for various Kansas City media outlets, including KCTV5’s “Better Kansas City” show and Simply KC magazine.”

Glamorganic natural products3) Glamorganic Goddess

“As a former professional figure skater who’s been glamming it up since the age of 4 – her adventures in Cancerland forced her to examine her diet + lifestyle choices, including the beauty products she was using everyday. Determined to turn her pain into purpose, Danielle has publicly documented her journey on The Glamorganic Goddess as a young Breast Cancer Survivor on a mission to find clean beauty products – without carcinogens, + without sacrificing her standards.”

Afrobella living naturally4) Afrobella

“Trinidadian-born writer Patrice Grell Yursik created to fill a void and to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of women all shades of beautiful. Her award-winning blog shines a loving light on natural hair and the wonderfully wide range of gorgeous skin tones and sizes women come in.”

Kate Living Pretty Naturally5) Living Pretty, Naturally

“Living Pretty, Naturally focuses on how to optimize your own natural beauty. On the way we’ll come across tips and tricks to bring out your most radiant skin and find ways to be a little more healthy. I blog mainly about natural cosmetics and the best organic make up, as well as my favorite wellness products, the best natural home products, beauty-enhancing recipes and basically anything else that is lovely and natural.”

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Disclaimer: Purified Cotton owns no part of any of the featured blogs. Nor are we affiliated of any of the above bloggers. Website descriptions are quotes from their “about” pages. Text and photos belong to the bloggers.

About Purified Cotton

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