October 28, 2016

5 Last Minute Costumes You Can Make Using Cotton

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5 Last Minute Costumes You Can Make Using Cotton

Just like any other holiday, Halloween has a way of creeping up on you (no pun intended), but at least with every other holiday, you don’t have to assemble a clever and cute costume for every child in your house! If you’re like us and waited until the last minute, we’ve got several holiday costumes you can make using, you guessed it, the cotton balls right out of your medicine cabinet!

1. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Baby

Grab a sweatsuit or onesie and start pinning or hot gluing like crazy. While that wolf hat below looks like someone spent some time on it, you don’t have to get as fancy. Cut some faux teeth, eyes, and ears out of felt and attach them to a brown beanie. Voila! Your child is the cutest little carnivore ever.

2. Grandma Baby
It’s a race to see who is going to pinch whose cheek first! Dress your babe up as an octogenarian using a cotton ball wig, a pair of oversized glasses, and a button up sweater. Just don’t be surprised when you start hearing about trick or treating in the ‘good ol’ days.’



3. Cloud Baby

For this project, cotton batting is preferable over cotton balls. It will help the process go a little bit faster, but keep an eye on babe once he or she is fully outfitted. They just might float away. Find the full instructions on how to craft this costume on Oh Happy Day’s blog.



4. Cotton Candy Baby

This look is similar to the last one and again, we suggest cotton batting for time’s sake. Look for dye that is compatible with cotton and from there, it’s a simple process. Simple add a cone to top off this scrumptious look. Full details on Style Me Pretty’s blog.




5. Cotton Boll Baby

Of course we’re partial to this particular costume. While this little boll is fresh from the fields and ready to celebrate the holidays, the field bolls we collect go on to a totally different kind of party. Learn more about our cotton purification process while you prep your own post-Halloween sugar detox.



Good luck navigating the mean streets this 31st and Happy Halloween from the folks at Purified Cotton!

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