June 22, 2015

Barnhardt Introduces the New International Purified Cotton Symbol

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Barnhardt Introduces the New International Purified Cotton Symbol

No Whitewashing. No Greenwashing. No Gray Areas.

Barnhardt Natural Fibers, the world’s largest cotton purifier, is launching a new Purified Cotton™ symbol for personal care, facial and baby wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene, wound care, and adult incontinence product packaging.

Lewis Barnhardt, president and COO, says, “We trust nutrition labels to tell us what we are putting in our bodies, and we believe consumers are just as concerned about what they put on their bodies. Study after study tells us they want cotton that’s been purified because they trust it as the safest fiber for human use. Unfortunately, until now, they had no way of knowing what was being used in their personal care products.”

Pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes

According to Barnhardt, “Feminine care products and face and baby wipes are being made from manufactured chemical-pulps like rayon, viscose, and Tencel®, or petroleum-derived materials like polyester. Consumers are being whitewashed into believing when they see the color white they are getting products containing cotton, and most of the time that isn’t true. People are also being greenwashed into believing these semi-synthetic, chemically produced products are somehow ‘natural,’ and nothing could be further from the truth.

George Hargrove, vice pres. of sales, says part of the problem is with the packaging. “Even if it says the word ‘cotton’ on the label it could be misleading as the cotton might be used in the packaging itself, in extract form, or on a component that never touches the skin. Consumers are not just confused about this information, in some cases they are being misled.

Barnhardt concludes, “The Purified Cotton™ symbol says the brand using it on packaging cares enough about doing the right thing they make their products from only the highest grade of cotton—nothing else and surely nothing less. No whitewashing, no greenwashing, no gray areas. Just absorbent, super-soft, Purified Cotton™. That’s the pure truth we’re shouting about.”

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