Mississippi Cotton Gin Finds a Way to Thrive

courtesy of AgWeb

Cotton growers are facing some difficult times. That’s when you factor in acreage and demand. But one Southern area seems to be the exception for business.

The majority of cotton is harvested near Macon, Mississippi. Grower Jack Huerkamp says this season was a challenge early on with too much rain and then too much heat.

“We had a real average year this year. Average is good. That’s not a bad thing,” said  Jack Huerkamp, president of the Bogue Chitto Gin. Harvest weather also turned out in his favor.

“We ended up with an excellent harvest season. We can’t beat that. We didn’t get but one small rain from the time we started picking till we finished picking. That’s what you want to do with cotton,” said Huerkamp.

Growers don’t have to travel far to gin their crop either. “This is the first cotton gin in this area since the last one

Cotton versus Polyester

from our friends at Cotton Farming.com

by Andrew Olah

Picture this. A future time, perhaps 10 years from today. It’s Christmas morning, and a young kid opens the Christmas gift his grandparents gave him.

He unpacks it quickly hoping he likes whatever is being given because he needs to look happy, and the best way to do that is to actually be happy. Unpacked, the gift he finds is a 100 percent polyester team jersey from his favorite professional basketball player. Perhaps it’s the jersey Lebron James’ son wears for the Boston Celtics. He holds it up to show the family and says, “Do you guys realize this is made from polyester and will never biodegrade? I mean never EVER EVER BIODEGRADE?”

“Oh?” his grandmother says, “The store said it was recycled polyester.” The kid rolls his eyes. “So it does last forever.”

In February 2015, CNN wrote, “Nearly every piece of plastic still

Under Pressure, Feminine Product Makers Disclose Ingredients

courtesy of The New York Times

by Rachel Abrams; photographs c/o Jessica Ebelhard

Dressed as a box of Tampax tampons, Stephanie Phillips, a 30-year-old vegan chef, danced on the sidewalk outside Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati.

Ms. Phillips and a small group of demonstrators were protesting the company’s use of chemicals in its feminine care products, much to the chagrin of the investors who were filing into the annual shareholder meeting.

“I think it’s really messed up that Procter & Gamble’s putting chemicals in feminine products and not letting anyone know about it,” Ms. Phillips said.

Consumer products companies may have been able to ignore these kinds of displays in the not-so-distant past. Now, however, health advocates can use social media platforms and other tools to galvanize public support — not just from demonstrators like Ms. Phillips, but from customers who can boycott a company’s products.

tampax box

Time to Shout it Out About: The Four Unspeakables Inside Your Unmentionables


The number of US adults with incontinence issues is growing and it’s not just Baby Boomers or the grandparents buying up diapers and pads. According to cotton industry association, Cotton Inc., of the 115 million known sufferers in the U.S., the fastest growing population in this market is obese African-American women between the ages of 20 and 30. Heck, people of all ages sometimes need something extra down there.

So, let’s stop whispering and really talk about what you’re putting in your pants.

Most adult diapers and pads contain the following Unspeakables:

  • Polypropylene (PP)

A plastic film extruded over whatever material the pad or liner is made of, that touches your private parts. Yes, the same thermoplastic polymer used in carpet, 
plastic bottles, and truck liners.

  • Polyethylene (PE)

Another plastic used to wick water away from the skin. Still, it’s plastic touching your most private parts. I just

The Period Care Package

You know it’s coming, but somehow it always sneaks up on you.

That’s right. Your period.

And when it finally arrives, you’re left feeling all:


So the last thing you want to do is run to the store to pick up last minute rations, or open your fridge to find leftovers in worse shape than you. This is where the period care package comes in handy. You might remember the main idea of a care package from your college days when your parents stuffed snacks, tiny gift, and maybe an extra $20 in a box and shipped it to you. Remember how excited you were to find that package waiting for you? Imagine feeling that way when you get your period!

Here’s a round-up of online services that offer monthly packages delivered straight to your door. Keep scrolling for a DIY version.

1. Le Parcel


50 Shades of Greige


Purified Cotton™ Dominates Consumers’ Desires for Pure and Safe Personal Hygiene Products

index-4c label


It’s not a secret anymore—Consumers desire 100% Purified Cotton™ for their personal and very private needs. They fantasize about cotton with no residual chemicals and no toxins in the products that they use daily on their most sensitive body parts like cosmetic wipes, baby wipes, diapers, feminine pads and tampons. With the new Purified Cotton™ symbol’s BDSM—Big Darned-Smart Marketing—campaign, now they’ll know they’re getting it in products and brands that display the new symbol.


Are we controlling? Yes. We exert complete masterful control over our cotton. We possess it. We obsess about it. Our cotton has no hard or soft limits. Others are too submissive with cotton. They coddle greige cotton and let it be as dirty as it wants to be. We show our cotton tough love. We’re rough on it, but with a

5 Favorite Natural-Living Beauty Blogs (we can’t get enough of)

Five Favorite Natural Living Beauty Bloggers

We know what we want:

…Good, pure, natural products that won’t deposit iffy chemicals on our skin. Hey! You know everything we put on our skin gets absorbed, right? The problem is product labels can often be subtly deceptive and difficult to understand, so what to do? Seek out the experts. Here are some of our favorite beauty bloggers who regularly give readers the skinny on what’s really in the products we use.
organic beauty talk blogger

1) Organic Beauty Talk

“Organic Beauty Talk was created in May 2011 out of a love and passion for knowing what’s in your products, caring about what goes on your skin, and connecting you with brands that have the best organic, natural and eco-friendly choices. Organic Beauty Talk is dedicated to helping you live life more organically and beautifully simply because I know first-hand that it’s better….better for your health and well-being, your loved ones, and the environment.”

4 Must-Have Gifts for the Natural Parent

Mother with baby

New parents need all the help they can get…

That doesn’t mean putting just anything in and on a baby is acceptable. While it’s true many parents just have different approaches when it comes to natural childcare, here are some gifts that should satisfy parents across the board.


1. Baby Sling

As a baby grows, parents want practical solutions. A sling helps free up a parent’s hands, and keeps the baby feeling safely cocooned. Many slings are adjustable, allowing the parent to wear them in a variety of ways. The only warning: be sure to purchase a sling made with organic materials to ensure the baby is exposed to chemical-free materials.

2. Organic Hand Wash

When they’re born, babies’ immune systems are just starting to develop, which means that it isn’t nearly as strong as adults. Hand washing is so important for parents and guests. New babies are susceptible to germs our immune