The Period Care Package

You know it’s coming, but somehow it always sneaks up on you.

That’s right. Your period.

And when it finally arrives, you’re left feeling all:


So the last thing you want to do is run to the store to pick up last minute rations, or open your fridge to find leftovers in worse shape than you. This is where the period care package comes in handy. You might remember the main idea of a care package from your college days when your parents stuffed snacks, tiny gift, and maybe an extra $20 in a box and shipped it to you. Remember how excited you were to find that package waiting for you? Imagine feeling that way when you get your period!

Here’s a round-up of online services that offer monthly packages delivered straight to your door. Keep scrolling for a DIY version.

1. Le Parcel


50 Shades of Greige


Purified Cotton™ Dominates Consumers’ Desires for Pure and Safe Personal Hygiene Products

index-4c label


It’s not a secret anymore—Consumers desire 100% Purified Cotton™ for their personal and very private needs. They fantasize about cotton with no residual chemicals and no toxins in the products that they use daily on their most sensitive body parts like cosmetic wipes, baby wipes, diapers, feminine pads and tampons. With the new Purified Cotton™ symbol’s BDSM—Big Darned-Smart Marketing—campaign, now they’ll know they’re getting it in products and brands that display the new symbol.


Are we controlling? Yes. We exert complete masterful control over our cotton. We possess it. We obsess about it. Our cotton has no hard or soft limits. Others are too submissive with cotton. They coddle greige cotton and let it be as dirty as it wants to be. We show our cotton tough love. We’re rough on it, but with a

5 Favorite Natural-Living Beauty Blogs (we can’t get enough of)

Five Favorite Natural Living Beauty Bloggers

We know what we want:

…Good, pure, natural products that won’t deposit iffy chemicals on our skin. Hey! You know everything we put on our skin gets absorbed, right? The problem is product labels can often be subtly deceptive and difficult to understand, so what to do? Seek out the experts. Here are some of our favorite beauty bloggers who regularly give readers the skinny on what’s really in the products we use.
organic beauty talk blogger

1) Organic Beauty Talk

“Organic Beauty Talk was created in May 2011 out of a love and passion for knowing what’s in your products, caring about what goes on your skin, and connecting you with brands that have the best organic, natural and eco-friendly choices. Organic Beauty Talk is dedicated to helping you live life more organically and beautifully simply because I know first-hand that it’s better….better for your health and well-being, your loved ones, and the environment.”

4 Must-Have Gifts for the Natural Parent

Mother with baby

New parents need all the help they can get…

That doesn’t mean putting just anything in and on a baby is acceptable. While it’s true many parents just have different approaches when it comes to natural childcare, here are some gifts that should satisfy parents across the board.


1. Baby Sling

As a baby grows, parents want practical solutions. A sling helps free up a parent’s hands, and keeps the baby feeling safely cocooned. Many slings are adjustable, allowing the parent to wear them in a variety of ways. The only warning: be sure to purchase a sling made with organic materials to ensure the baby is exposed to chemical-free materials.

2. Organic Hand Wash

When they’re born, babies’ immune systems are just starting to develop, which means that it isn’t nearly as strong as adults. Hand washing is so important for parents and guests. New babies are susceptible to germs our immune

Shouting Out the Pure Truth: A Public Education Campaign


Identifying a Responsible Product

The marketplace has gotten confusing for consumers of personal care, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, and wound care products. Consumers want truly natural products, but they also want those products to be safe and pure. Although many products claim to be natural, how do you know you’re buying a responsible product?

The Purified Cotton Symbol

Now there’s a way to confidently select the purest natural products while browsing the aisle. Just look for the Purified Cotton symbol:

PC Circle_Icon

When you see this symbol, you can be sure that the item you’re purchasing is free of residual chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. You’re getting nothing but absorbent, soft, hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical grade cotton in its purest form.

But What Exactly is Purified Cotton?

Purified Cotton is cotton that has undergone a highly intensive Proprietary Ultra-Purification Process. This means that each single, individual cotton fiber is washed, cleansed, and

World of Wipes (WOW) Show 2015 = Success!


In the haze of mid-June,

hundreds of people descended upon Atlanta, Ga. to attend the World of Wipes International Conference. As attendees prepped for events and settled into their respective rooms, one team was eager to set up their booth—which was designed to add some real “wow” to the conference.

The Dream Team

The Barnhardt team, led by Lewis Barnhardt (COO and President), George Hargrove (VP of Sales and Marketing), Ginny Casstevens (Dir. Sales and Marketing Fibers Div.), and Chuck Allen (Director of Product Dev.), made a big splash with their new Shouting Out the Pure Truth! themed Purified Cotton display. Crowds entering the ballroom were immediately drawn to the display’s large, colorful graphics.

As more people arrived at the event, the Barnhardt team worked feverishly to greet each person, and to talk about the benefits of using Purified Cotton.

Barnhardt Introduces the New International Purified Cotton Symbol

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.04.19 AM

No Whitewashing. No Greenwashing. No Gray Areas.

Barnhardt Natural Fibers, the world’s largest cotton purifier, is launching a new Purified Cotton™ symbol for personal care, facial and baby wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene, wound care, and adult incontinence product packaging.

Lewis Barnhardt, president and COO, says, “We trust nutrition labels to tell us what we are putting in our bodies, and we believe consumers are just as concerned about what they put on their bodies. Study after study tells us they want cotton that’s been purified because they trust it as the safest fiber for human use. Unfortunately, until now, they had no way of knowing what was being used in their personal care products.”

Pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes

According to Barnhardt, “Feminine care products and face and baby wipes are being made from manufactured chemical-pulps like rayon, viscose, and Tencel®, or petroleum-derived materials