December 02, 2019

Webinar Wrap Up: Blue Wave

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Webinar Wrap Up: Blue Wave

Blue Wave is a new movement that is putting the planet first. 

As of recently, more and more companies are putting importance on being eco-friendly. And rightfully so! Let’s discuss some efforts being made in the name of Mother Earth across industries:

The Plastic Problem

Cities like Boston, Chicago, Seattle, LA and Austin, are taking pledges to reduce their plastic footprint by up to 70% in the next 5 years. These cities are also taking proactive measures like stopping the use of plastic bags and only selling water in plastic bottles that use recyclable materials. 

Responsible Packaging

Packaging is key! Pretty and responsible packaging? Yes, please! New developments in cotton and other plant-based packaging are the answer to our world’s plastic problem. Because then not only is the packaging biodegradable, but it’s sustainable too! 

Be Fair

Fairtrade means not taking advantage of unethical practices; this includes illegal deforestation. Some companies are using drones and satellite imagery to protect forests across the planet. These companies monitor their vendor’s practices like growing and harvesting. If there are any unnecessary clearing of forests, plant life, or green spaces, these companies stop using the vendor and often turn them into the local authorities. 

Talking ‘bout My Generation

It should be noted that the Millennial generation is demanding that their products are formulated with an emphasis on the planet first. They are interested in an eco-friendly product, made with safe and natural ingredients that don’t endanger the Earth. 

Companies are focusing on donating money, time, research into using environmentally-friendly practices; everyone is now understanding that ‘Going Green’ is no longer a trend, but now is a necessity. Let’s all ride the Blue Wave! 




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