March 27, 2019

Cotton: The Ever-Improving Industry

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Cotton: The Ever-Improving Industry

Since the beginning, cotton has been a huge player in the agriculture sphere. And in this fast-paced and constantly-evolving world, staying up-to-date with environmental responsibilities is key. So, what about the cotton industry? Trade groups like National Cotton Council of America, Cotton USA, and Cotton Incorporated are asking for support from cotton producers, ginners, warehousers, merchants, cottonseed crushers, and manufacturers to implement their new 10 year plan. Here are some of our goals:

Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 39%

Here’s another awesome goal our industry is working together to achieve: decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 39%. While cotton naturally removes CO2 from the environment during photosynthesis, more focus is being put on actively decreasing emissions in a grand scale. The cotton industry is working in conjunction with the scientific community to create synthetic fertilizers that emit less nitrogen.

Decrease Water Use by 18%

This goal may be amongst the most important of them all. By implementing new innovations in water delivery systems, cotton-heros will contribute to the goal of reducing water usage by 18%. Did you know that in the last 20 years, water usage in cotton farming is down by 49%. Now that’s a goal we can all get behind!

Decrease Energy Use by 15%

Like water, energy usage is also significantly lower than it was 20 years ago. 66% to be exact! Now, imagine that number dropping even farther! This is a goal worth achieving. The industry is anticipating these improvements to come by using robotic technologies and editing cotton genes to require lower energy costs.

We all have one common concern: the state of the environment. By setting goals like those stated above, the cotton industry is raising the standard and is setting itself up to make great strides towards accomplishing these 10-year goals.

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