October 09, 2017

Feminine Product Companies with a Mission

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Feminine Product Companies with a Mission

What makes a feminine product company special?

The ingredients they use? Conscious packaging? An important mission?

What about all three?

We did some research and found three companies that provide both high-quality products and environmentally friendly packaging, while also giving back to other women in return.

The Honey Pot Company


The founder of The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice Dixon, created her first feminine wash out of necessity after suffering from bacterial vaginosis for 7 months. With no solution in sight, Dixon decided to take matters into her own hands, formulating a plant-based, coconut oil wash and testing it out for herself. After a few uses, her symptoms cleared and comfort followed. From there, she created her brand The Honey Pot Company; this empowering business offers pads, panty liners, feminine wipes and washes, as well as overnight and post-partum pads. The Honey Pot’s pads are chlorine and pesticide free; the middle of the pad contains a small amount of mint essential oil to provide cool relief and helps to ease irritation. The Honey Pot Company offers these products via at home delivery, as well as through an online store locator.

Dixon uses her resources and skills to help mentor other new female business owners. In addition, The Honey Pot Company also sponsors 10 young girls affiliated with Afri-Pads in Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. In a Q+A with Women’s Voices for the Earth, Dixon says that she wants to improve the way the world sees women and their menstrual cycles.



Cora started with Molly and Morgen, a woman and a man who both recognized the need for safe, environmentally friendly, high quality tampons. For every month’s supply of tampon that an individual woman buys from Cora, they promise to donate a month’s supply of pads to a woman in need. Cora works with organizations like Aakar Innovations (India) and ZanaAfrica Foundation (Kenya) to provide women with supplies, as well as health education.

Cora also recognizes the plight here at home with the 25 million women living below the poverty line who cannot afford to regularly buy tampons and pads. Because period products are not covered by food stamps, Cora partners with non-profits across the country to ensure that American women receive products and education vital to their menstrual health. Internally, Cora works with Mile High Workshop, a program that helps woman who are rebuilding from homelessness, addiction, and incarceration find employment. According to their website, 93% of Cora’s staff have experienced domestic abuse and/or sexual assault.

Conscious Period


Annie Lascoe and Margo Lang started Conscious Period to create menstruation products that were both beneficial to the consumer and the environment. Conscious Period uses 100% organic, pesticide-free cotton and BPA-free plastic applicators in all of the products they offer. In return, for every box purchased, Conscious Period gives one to a woman experiencing homelessness in the USA.

On their website, Conscious Period provides several articles educating women on sustainability, the tampon tax, as well as providing updates on the women that their customers have helped by buying their products. The boxes can be purchased in bulk or individually, noting that each box comes with 18 tampons, as well as with “2 to share”.





Purified Cotton_Logo BLOG-01Barnhardt is the world’s largest natural cotton purifier. Over the past 117 years they’ve developed a time and labor-intensive process by which cotton is deconstructed to the individual fibers, then stripped of all residual chemicals, toxins, biocides, and contaminants using high temperatures, high pressure, and gentle hydrogen peroxide. The result is Purified Cotton®, the safest, purest form of natural cotton on the planet. It contains zero residual chemicals, zero toxins, zero impurities. Since natural cotton is a natural fiber, it’s also compostable and biodegradable. Barnhardt is proud of their proprietary “ultra-purification process“, its commitment to being TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), and the medical and pharmaceutical grade purity of Purified Cotton®.

To learn more about the process used to make the world’s purest, cleanest cotton click here.





To read more about other feminine product companies with a mission, Women’s Voices for the Earth provides a wealth of information about multiple toxic chemicals found in feminine products like tampons, wipes, and fragrances. In addition, the organization gives direct links to active petitions, ways of contacting state lawmakers, and information on how to become an Actionista.  They also keep their site up to date with relevant news and public reports for any inquiring woman.

About P. Cotton

Purified Cotton™ is 100% pharmaceutical grade purity—nothing more, no surprises, no chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. It’s the highest grade of cotton available to the world, best for contact with sensitive human skin, and the only grade that can truthfully be called pure.