August 07, 2015

4 Must-Have Gifts for the Natural Parent

Baby Care
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4 Must-Have Gifts for the Natural Parent

New parents need all the help they can get…

That doesn’t mean putting just anything in and on a baby is acceptable. While it’s true many parents just have different approaches when it comes to natural childcare, here are some gifts that should satisfy parents across the board.


1. Baby Sling

As a baby grows, parents want practical solutions. A sling helps free up a parent’s hands, and keeps the baby feeling safely cocooned. Many slings are adjustable, allowing the parent to wear them in a variety of ways. The only warning: be sure to purchase a sling made with organic materials to ensure the baby is exposed to chemical-free materials.

2. Organic Hand Wash

When they’re born, babies’ immune systems are just starting to develop, which means that it isn’t nearly as strong as adults. Hand washing is so important for parents and guests. New babies are susceptible to germs our immune system wouldn’t blink at, but you also don’t want to expose your baby to a host of unknown chemicals. Consider purchasing a few bottles of organic hand wash so parents can direct guests to any sink to prep for holding the baby because we all know everyone wants to hold the baby.

3. Diapers

This is a must-have for new parents. New babies average about 12 changes every 24 hours. That means new parents are going through a lot of diapers, but not all “disposable” diapers are good for the babe. Many diaper companies use a variety of manufactured chemical pulps on the front sheet, which touches the new babies bottom. If you’re going to buy diapers for new parents, make sure the company uses only Purified Cotton.

4. Baby Mat

Diapers can’t catch everything. While cute sheets adorned with animals are a great idea, an organic cotton waterproof mat is what will really come in handy. This will help keep the baby’s mattress dry and help parents with a quick cleanup. The cotton also allows the fabric to breathe, which helps the baby stay comfortably dry while lying in one position.

If you’re ever in doubt of what to purchase new parents, don’t be afraid to ask. Many can tell you what they need and what they don’t, but no matter, make it as pure as possible. Why expose something so new and precious to toxins? If you really want to know what’s in some diapers and wipes, check out this infographic for more information.

About Purified Cotton

Purified Cotton™ is 100% pharmaceutical grade purity—nothing more, no surprises, no chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. It’s the highest grade of cotton available to the world, best for contact with sensitive human skin, and the only grade that can truthfully be called pure.