December 29, 2015

History of the Cotton Bowl: How it All Began

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History of the Cotton Bowl: How it All Began


Of Mice and Men and The Hobbit is published.
FDR is sworn into office for the second time.
The Golden Gate Bridge is opened to the public.
Amelia Earhart disappears.

And before any of these events, the very first Cotton Bowl Classic took place in Dallas, Texas on January 1st. The endeavor was funded entirely by J. Curtis Sanford. Sanford had made his money in the oil business, but cotton was a booming business in Texas. The stadium and the game, located on the Texas State Fair grounds, was named in honor of the almighty cotton boll.

Cotton Bowl

That first Cotton Bowl Classic hosted the Marquette Golden Avalanche and the TCU Horned Frogs. Just in case you forgot, here’s what a football team looked like in 1937.

football teamphoto via

Only slightly different than today…

TCU represented the now dissolved Southwest Conference and Marquette entered the game as an independent. TCU proved victorious with a 16-6 win over Marquette, and the Cotton Bowl Classic made its mark on Texas football history.

Since that inaugural game, the original stadium hosted 72 bowl games. In 2010, the game was moved to Arlington, Texas, and played in Cowboys Stadium, but the name is still with us. Despite a drop in prestige during the 1980’s, the Cotton Bowl Classic is back and better than ever. This Friday, January 1, be sure to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide face off against the Michigan Spartans to see who will be this year’s Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

cotton bowl 2016

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