August 15, 2019

Infographic: Cotton vs Rayon in Supply Chain

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Infographic: Cotton vs Rayon in Supply Chain

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about cotton and rayon and how fundamentally different they are. In addition to their physical makeup, the supply chains of the two fibers are very dissimilar. One fiber is harvested and converted right here at home in the USA, while the other travels around the globe before making its way to America.

Rayon is produced from trees grown and pulped in Africa and South America, which is then shipped to Asia or Europe for conversion to rayon. Only after that, does it find its way stateside.

Cotton, on the other hand, has a simple, homegrown supply chain. And clearly, rayon’s long and winding supply chain proves that it’s hardly a sustainable solution.

This graphic from the cotton experts at Barnhardt shows this perfectly! Take a look for yourself: 

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