June 18, 2018

Things To Know About Your First Period

Feminine Care
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Things To Know About Your First Period

So you’ve started your period, congratulations! Your first few periods may seem daunting, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Periods are painful and they can be a burden at times, we’ve all been there. It may seem there are a million products you could use during that time of the month, which can be overwhelming.


As a young woman, staying informed is extremely important, especially when it comes to your body. Monolith menstrual hygiene companies seem like the good guys, with colorful packaging and fluffy words that make you believe their products are natural. Truth is, most of them are not.

While shopping around for products, chances are you’ve seen scented tampons or pads. Just say no to those. Scented tampons may seem like a nice perk to your period, but the truth is there can be hundreds of ingredients in their fragrance that aren’t required to be disclosed. Just the single word (fragrance, that is) represents a mixture of hundreds of ingredients, all unclassified. These chemicals can contain allergens, sensitizers and irritants, and even environmental toxins. The IFRA lists 3,999 materials that are reported as being used in fragrance compounds. How many of those nearly 4,000 chemicals are in your scented pads?

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Women are taking control as consumers, as we are seeing a demand for transparency in the menstrual hygiene sector. There’s no longer a tolerance for synthetic fibers in period care products. But you know what isn’t a synthetic fiber? Cotton. Not only is cotton better for you, but it’s better for the environment. Because, after all, cotton is completely natural and biodegradable. Once cotton is purified, it is extremely soft and absorbent, it stands up to the challenge. So skip the chemical cocktail, look for Purified Cotton.

About P. Cotton

Purified Cotton™ is 100% pharmaceutical grade purity—nothing more, no surprises, no chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. It’s the highest grade of cotton available to the world, best for contact with sensitive human skin, and the only grade that can truthfully be called pure.