September 30, 2017

Tips for Living With a Sensitive Bladder

Adult Incontinence
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Tips for Living With a Sensitive Bladder

What is a Sensitive Bladder?

Everyone knows what the urge to pee feels like, but there are many people that find it hard to control that urge when it hits. No pee dance will hold it in if you’ve got a sensitive bladder. This can lead to an embarrassing moment, but there are a couple of tips we came across that can help you control the urge. Of course, it’s recommended you talk to your doctor if cases of urgency are frequent and impossible to control.  

Tip 1: Stay healthy

Excess weight puts an undue amount of pressure on your bladder, which could cause frequent urination. It’s also important to vary your exercise routine. Daily walks are great, but the pelvic muscles that hold urine in also need to be worked. Daily kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor.

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Tip 2: Skip the Caffeine

Drinks like coffee, tea, and soda have a high amount of caffeine in them, which increases bladder activity and makes the urge to pee that much stronger. Even certain types of chocolate contain a higher amount of caffeine than other and can affect bladder control. Try keeping a diary to determine exactly what triggers your uncontrollable urge to use the bathroom. This will also help you determine if and when you need to visit a doctor.




Why Does Purified Cotton Care About Sensitive Bladders?

For some, adult diapers are a great way to help combat an overactive bladder. They control embarrassing leaks and today’s streamlined designs enable users to feel confident while wearing them. We want to feel confident that the top layer of the diaper, the part that touches your skin, isn’t full of chemicals. Using a diaper with a top layer that contains 100% Purified Cotton is the only way to be sure your skin isn’t absorbing a cocktail full of chemicals.

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About Purified Cotton

Purified Cotton™ is 100% pharmaceutical grade purity—nothing more, no surprises, no chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. It’s the highest grade of cotton available to the world, best for contact with sensitive human skin, and the only grade that can truthfully be called pure.