March 03, 2017

What is a Synthetic Fiber?

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What is a Synthetic Fiber?

Everyone knows about the fiber you need to be incorporating in your diet, but did you know there are other kinds of fiber that can have an impact on your health?

Fibers are a part of your everyday life, comprising many of the materials that you touch everyday, but not all fibers are created equally. By definition, a fiber is a substance that is longer than it is wider, but when you combine these small substances, you get a variety of useful products.

There are two main types of fibers that you need to be aware of:

-Synthetic Fibers

-Natural Fibers

Today we’re going to talk about synthetic fibers, how they’re made, and how you’re probably using them on a daily basis to care for some of the most sensitive parts of your body.

A synthetic fiber is a man-made fiber derived from oil-based products like plastic. Companies like ExxonMobil, BP, and Shell are, as you likely already know, giants in the oil industry and provide much of the world’s fuel. The same chemicals that help create the fuel for your car are also used to create plastic pellets.

Fiber manufacturers then buy these plastic pellets and blast them with intense heat. The plastic pellets are liquefied and forced through a sieve, almost like a meat grinder, to create long, tiny strands of fiber once it’s cool. Think of it kind of like a very small plastic spaghetti noodle. Once the fiber manufacturer produces enough tiny plastic strands, it can combine them to create materials like polyester.

This is where things get questionable. That polyester is then put into personal care products that you use on a daily basis, like facial wipes. It’s in your pads and your tampons. It’s in your baby’s diapers and it’s not just the plastic like outside coating. It’s in the material that’s touching your body.  So why is that a bad thing?

The skin is incredibly absorbent and very thin, absorbing chemicals straight into the bloodstream. Think about how many tampons, pads, and face wipes you’ll use over the course of your lifetime. By continually using products with synthetic fibers, you risk exposure to multiple chemicals, toxins, and contaminants which could potentially affect your health.

So how can you avoid synthetic fibers and stay healthy. Use products with 100% Purified Cotton.





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