September 18, 2017

What’s Really in my Tampon?

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What’s Really in my Tampon?

The weekly grocery trip. Or maybe daily for some of us. At one point or another, most women have to mark ‘tampons’ off that list. So how do you decide which box to buy?

Is budget important to you? Absorption? What about ingredients? What’s in my tampon, really?

While some marketing campaigns might have you think that tampons are made out of pure clouds, the reality is far more concerning. If you’re buying any old box of tampons, chances are you may be putting some harmful ingredients into the most sensitive part of your body, like:

  • Rayon
    Used because of it’s highly absorbent nature, this semi-synthetic (read: man-made) material is one of the reasons TSS (toxic shock syndrome) is a concern. Although TSS cases peaked in the ‘80s and the most absorbent tampons were taken off the market, rayon is still present in many popular brands of tampons and the chance of TSS remains with prolonged tampon use.

On the other hand, cotton is a non-irritating natural fiber that does a great job absorbing and not causing TSS. While rayon might not seem like a big deal at the time (I mean you only have your period for a short amount of time, right?), think about all the tampons that you use over a lifetime? It ends up being anywhere from 9,000 to 12,000 tampons, depending on your flow. The cumulative effect of harmful ingredients adds up after awhile.

So the next logical question would be, “What should I look for in the tampon’s ingredient list?” right? Right…BUT, that’s where things get a little tricky.

Tampon manufacturers aren’t even required to list all the ingredients because the FDA doesn’t regulate personal care products. Currently only 11 toxic ingredients are banned. For comparison, Europe has banned over 1,300. For even the most responsible consumer, picking the best tampon for your body can be tough; which is precisely why we developed the Purified Cotton logo.

Pharmaceutical and medical grade, 100% Purified Cotton is safely being used in more tampon brands each and every day. Look for the cotton seal on the packaging.  To learn more about our gentle purification process and the benefits of Purified Cotton in personal care products, visit

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About Purified Cotton

Purified Cotton™ is 100% pharmaceutical grade purity—nothing more, no surprises, no chemicals, toxins, or contaminants. It’s the highest grade of cotton available to the world, best for contact with sensitive human skin, and the only grade that can truthfully be called pure.