August 25, 2019

Why Cotton, Now?

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Why Cotton, Now?

Cotton: The OG

Cotton has been around for thousands of years. While cotton was grown and used for fabrics as far back as 5500 BC in the Indus Valley region of Asia, cotton fabric dating back to 5000 BC has also been found in Mexico! It’s also believed that cotton was first planted in Florida in 1556.


Why is cotton only now finding its way into hygiene products like pads and wipes? As far as clothing goes, cotton has long been a fiber of choice because of its next-to-skin softness, enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and among many other reasons. But fiber hasn’t also been the first choice of fiber in other consumer products.

Diapers, feminine hygiene products, and wipes. Having these products made of biodegradable materials is almost a no-brainer. However, they have traditionally been made of synthetic chemicals like polypropylene. While these were significant innovations at the time, the environment and sustainability initiatives, unfortunately, weren’t on anyone’s radar.

Today you’ll rarely find fiber content on the labels of these products and most consumers just aren’t happy with that. People are demanding products made with natural fibers like cotton! 

So why cotton, now?

Today’s consumer is much more savvy and discretionary in the products they use for themselves and their loved ones. Social media has made it much easier for everyone in the global community to express their concern for the environment and its steadily-overflowing landfills. 

Speaking of landfills, the main benefit to natural fibers like cotton, especially those grown with sustainable practices, is that they will biodegrade within 30 days in managed landfills (and is compostable, too!), and that are all-around dependable, durable products. Leading brands from Asia to North America have begun to integrate cotton into their products in response to consumer demands. 


PS: Next time you’re in the aisle, look for the Cotton Seal. In most cases, products containing cotton can be recognized by the Cotton Seal, which is licensed by Cotton Incorporated

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