July 06, 2015

World of Wipes (WOW) Show 2015 = Success!

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World of Wipes (WOW) Show 2015 = Success!

In the haze of mid-June,

hundreds of people descended upon Atlanta, Ga. to attend the World of Wipes International Conference. As attendees prepped for events and settled into their respective rooms, one team was eager to set up their booth—which was designed to add some real “wow” to the conference.

The Dream Team

The Barnhardt team, led by Lewis Barnhardt (COO and President), George Hargrove (VP of Sales and Marketing), Ginny Casstevens (Dir. Sales and Marketing Fibers Div.), and Chuck Allen (Director of Product Dev.), made a big splash with their new Shouting Out the Pure Truth! themed Purified Cotton display. Crowds entering the ballroom were immediately drawn to the display’s large, colorful graphics.

As more people arrived at the event, the Barnhardt team worked feverishly to greet each person, and to talk about the benefits of using Purified Cotton. Visitors included P&G, Kimberly-Clark, and some of the largest international consumer product converters.

The Barnhardt team, Ginny Casstevens, Chuck Allen, product development manager, George Hargrove, VP sales & marketing, Lewis Barnhardt, COO & president, speak with Jeff Willis, owner of Nonwovens By Design.


Ginny Casstevens poses with Mike Shannon, left, owner and president of Pacon Contract Manufacturing Corporation, and Bob Gott, right, formulation R&D manager of Fleet Laboratories.
Ginny Casstevens poses with Bob Gott, left, formulation R&D manager of Fleet Laboratories and Mike Shannon, right, owner and president of Pacon Contract Manufacturing Corporation.

This generated a serious buzz about the campaign and gave Barnhardt plenty of opportunities to answer questions about the new symbol.

On the Right Track

And while it didn’t seem like day one could be improved upon, day two started off with a major win. Janet O’Reagan, director of strategic initiatives for Cotton Inc., presented the Barnhardt team with an award for “developing a purified cotton fiber and building awareness of cotton as a valuable, natural raw material for the nonwovens industry around the world.”

Barnhard's award.

Wow Show-AwardO’Reagan went on to share data and findings from Cotton Inc.’s latest study of baby diapers and wipes in the Chinese market. The numbers were amazing. Our Pure Truth campaign is right on the money: Chinese consumers—like US, Mexican, Central American, and South American consumers—have blind faith that their diapers and wipes contain cotton. When consumers are informed that many products don’t contain cotton, they overwhelmingly say they would buy diapers and wipes that do, and would pay a premium price for them.

Cotton Inc's Janet O'Reagan discusses diapers and wipes in the Chinese market.
Cotton Inc’s Janet O’Reagan discusses the use of cotton in diapers and wipes in the Chinese market.

Someone Say Cotton?

Seems the world is waking up from years of putting everything but cotton into wipes and suddenly wants “natural fibers that really are natural, not just some thinly veiled marketing promise of chemical soups dressed up like ‘natural fibers.’” Well, duh. The world wants something grown naturally, is super soft, hypoallergenic, and contains no toxins or pesticides. Obviously, they’re asking for Purified Cotton. It’s going to a big year for Purified Cotton. Learn more about Purified Cotton by visiting our website.

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